Camera Specifications

available rig geometry

Expandable Dome grid array

PORTABLE Multi-planar Grid Array

Camera System:

70x Sony 4K Cameras
17.4 Gigapixels Pixels Per Second
4,200 Gbps Video Capture Bandwidth
155° Wide Angle Glass Lenses
F2.8 Large Aperture
Accurate Pixel Line-level Hardware Sync

Imagery Processing:

Machine Learning based image/detail enhancement
Network Distributed Hybrid GPU/CPU Compute Cluster
Hybrid Structure from Motion (SfM) Solving Core
Multi-GPU CUDA Accelerated Photogrammetry Engine

Geometry Specs:

10K - 7 Million Polygons Per Mesh Frame
Dynamically Adjustable Mesh Density
Flexible DoD Region Cropping
True Level™ Automated Horizon Alignment

Geometry Formats:

OBJ Sequence, PLY Sequence, FBX Sequence, Alembic Sequence, SketchFab Sequence Project @ 30/60 fps Support
AR Ready USDZ Static Mesh, glTF Static Mesh Support

Point Cloud Formats:

PTX, PLY, E57, XYZ, AVCS Support @ 30/60 fps

Texture Formats:

JPG, TIFF, PNG, EXR, H.264 Video, H.265 Video
Up to 8K x 8K Native Output Per Polygon Mesh

Data Management:

Volumetric Asset Management System
Fast Turn-around Cluster Compute
Resumable Data Processing
Automatic Previz Model Turntable Generation
High Scalability With Burstable Cloud Compute

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